Going on 4 days at 1.5 milligrams

Reduced last Thursday to 1.5 milligrams.

Most importantly I took the .5 reduction out of the 1 milligram dose I had been taking upon retiring.
I was really afraid to do this because of potential disruption to sleep.
So far I have gotten to sleep pretty quickly, though I have not slept particularly deeply or well.
I think the getting to sleep has mostly to do with no coffee after noon, and my workout: 1 hour on bike, half hour on elliptical,  followed by .5 mile swim, plus Jacuzzi and steam room.
I think my exercise might be excessive (on joints) for a person one month shy of being 70. When I get this drug thing done, I plan to plan a more reasonable workout schedule, in any case something not quite so intense.
Woke this morning early, couldn’t really get back to sleep much after 6, and had thoughts of dark things–prostate cancer from age, colon cancer from red meat, lung cancer from smoking, and of course Alzheimer’s for good measure.
I am pissed off that the clocks got set back Saturday night; I hate it getting dark so early, and when my metabolism gets out of sync with the sun, I get confused and depressed.

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