13 days at 2 milligrams

Today is Oct. 28, 2015.  A Wednesday.

Tomorrow I will have gone two full weeks at 2 milligrams.  Usually after two weeks, I drop the dose again;this time, it would be to 1.5.
I guess I will do it.  I have already set up my med box with only .5 milligrams upon retiring, .5 at 6 AM and .5 at 12:30.
But I have felt pretty terrible, awfully tired, and miserably bleak waking up (or at least getting out of bed).
I have gone through this day in a foggy daze.  I finished polishing the down stair’s tile–this time the floor in the half bath.  Kitty-litter every where.  And the old cat is looking awfully old.
Did an hour on bike; 25 on elliptical, for a total of 800 calories, and .5 mile swim.
I feel like Beckett again:  “I go on; I can’t go on.  I can’t go on; I go on.” And so forth, and so on.
I have a little growth on the end of my nose that I may have to get a doctor to look at….
The World Series started yesterday, like I care.  I don’t know any of these guys.  I lost track 20 or thirty years ago. 

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