Going on 37 days at 0 milligrams…

Have had rough sleep, but have not taken any more Valium.

Instead on Thursday night last, up at 3 AM, I meditated for 25 minutes and got back to sleep relatively quickly.

Same last night, up at 3 AM sweating, meditated for 25 and then got back to sleep.

Sat in  big chair from 9:30 to 10 AM  this morning dozing and feeling as if I might be in hell.  My body aching, my nose running, and my mind all over the painful place.  No energy.

Signed onto Benzo Buddies out of GB.  While looking for info, noticed that do not recommend any writing on getting off Benzos until you have been off them 2 months. That tells me something.  It may be really hard to say positive, inspirational things about withdrawing for at least two months.  And further, they don’t encourage you to write a success story narrative until 18+ months out. That tells me something.  Painful withdrawal, of the kind I am now experiencing, can last 18+ months.  At least.

Still working out daily, though it can be really, really difficult.  I get cold, tired, and bored.  Even so, makes for some of the better moments in my depleted day.

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