11 days at 2 milligrams

I think it’s been 11 days since I dropped to 2 milligrams and 8 days since I last wrote here.

I have little to note.  It’s been a  trying few days…much the same as usual in the withdrawal.
The second weekend after a Thursday drop has been usually pretty awful.  It doesn’t seem to have been as bad this time around, though maybe things are catching up with me today.
I feel pretty low.
I have been applying a polish to our down stairs tile.  They were looking pretty drab.  I did the kitchen this morning, and am waiting for it to drop.
The glass micro wave popcorn popper broke in the sink.  It’s pretty fragile.  I will probably get a new one after working out.
Don’t think that I remarked:  I was able to buy an edition of the Compete Works of Henry James with my kindle for 99 cents.  Hard to believe, nearly 400 hours of reading by their estimate. Sadly I have difficulty getting through his sentences now.
I continue exercise.  1 hour on stationary bike; 20 to 25 minutes on elliptical…for a total of 800 calories no matter what.  Plus, 15 laps in pool.  
I am losing a little weight, almost down to 165.  And am completely blown-away exhausted after working out like that.
Watched a TV show that suggested Ativan (a benzo) destroys memory. That freaked me out, cause my memory sure ain’t what it used to be.
I get scared thinking about reducing another .5 milligrams (which I hope to do this coming Thursday).

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