12 days at 2.5 milligrams

This is Tuesday, Oct. 6, been five days since I last wrote here.

It has been rough sledding at 2.5 milligrams, and Carol leaves for a convention starting Wednesday evening and running through Sunday morning.  So I will be alone with my misery for going on five days.
I wish I could be more upbeat but this is just too Sisyphean.  Pushing that rock up the hill, every day just like the next and the one that came before it.
I work out daily for about 2 hours and lately it has become a horrible chore.  I count the minutes as I exert.  1 hour on stationary bike, one half hour on elliptical, plus 30 minutes of slow swim.
In the morning I do a little cleaning or shopping.  Today I went to store.
After working out I take a nap, eat dinner, and watch TV till bed.  That’s my day in a nutshell, and it fits in the nutshell very easily. 
Talked with Dave from Seattle on phone.  He completed his journey; he called to talk about Dan.  What is there to say?  Dave didn’t ask a single question of any kind about what I was doing or how I was feeling.  Yes, it was good to hear his voice.  But….
We had a little rain on Sunday, and the temps fell to pleasant, but long range says they are going back up and up to about 90 this coming Sunday.
Another massacre, this time in Oregon.
Flooding in SC; have had a little contact with relatives.  They all seem safe.

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