Continued new regimen (2nd night?) of .25 clonazepam and 5 milligrams Valium.

Seemed as if I dreamed constantly.  Usual anxiety stuff.  I am lost and have to get somewhere. I need my airplane tickets, don’t have them with me, but think they must be in hotel.  But can’t remember where hotel is.  On train to hotel, I feel as I am now in the wrong country.  I am trying to eat a fruit salad but it falls apart in a lot of water.  I still don’t know where the tickets are; or maybe I am going to a funeral.
Stuff like that Endlessly.  I am always alone.  No one with me.  I don’t talk to anybody. Nothing dramatic happens.  I am lost climbing around in the bowels of an endless ship.
I call these anxiety dreams and I woke with a pretty deep sense of just that.  Anxiety, I mean. 
Went to psychotherapist and did some EMDR around issue of how frightened I was as a child, and how the people who might have helped with that fear, couldn’t because they were the cause of it, in so many ways.  20 minutes maybe of EMDR.  Will see how and if it effects my mood tomorrow.
Also had the first of three eufflexa shots in left knee.
Did 20 minutes on recumbent bike; 30 on elliptical; and .5 mile swim.
Ebola fears continue to spread.  Stock market in nose dive.

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