First day at .25 milligrams clonazepam and at 5. milligrams Valium.

I slept OK, but woke feeling strange and a little drugged out.
As the day wore on, more agitation, and significantly I went online and looked more at the side-effects of clonazepam withdrawal.  I found forums with people posting in the middle of the night that they wanted to kill themselves.  I also found people who quit and still feel awful.  This is scary and depressing. I suppose it does solidify for me that getting off this shit is NOT an easy experience and that even if I do the conclusion might not be all that I could hope.
Still I don’t see any alternative and will persist at this new dosage for a week at least to let the changes settle in.
Did 20 minutes on recumbent bike; 30 on elliptical, and a slow .5 mile swim.  This exercise stuff may save my butt.
Did some shopping, dropped some stuff at the post office, went to Starbucks, swept downstairs….

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