Carol screwed up and said the Halloween party at the club was today and they were going to shut down at 2 to prepare.  Not true.  It’s next Friday.  So this fucked up my usual routine and pissed me off to boot.  I am savagely tired.

The morning was screwed as I rushed around doing shopping.  Left for club at 11 rather than 130.  Worked out for an hour; didn’t swim because they had classes.  Got home round 2, exhausted from working out, on top of this being my exhausted time of the day. Which is why I go to work out around 130.  I am fit for nothing.  
As this afternoon proved.  I ache all over.
Maybe that’s partly the new regimen, still settling in, partly may be from the EMDR.
Dreams bad again; same theme different location.  Lost.  This time in a railroad station: couldn’t find tickets, couldn’t locate right train, missed trains, trains going to places I don’t want to go.  Scream at station master through thick plastic screen.  Can’t understand a word the fucker says. I wake with the thought from the dream:  what would a person’s head and face look like if he or she were hit 3000 times in rapid succession with a tablespoon!
I just don’t feel straight in the head.
Soon I will take my nap!  Finally!
I will continue with .25 clonazepam and 5 milligrams Valium.

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