Tough morning.

I slept too well, with comforting dreams.  Usually I don’t want to get out of bed;  today I wanted to stay in bed.  There’s a difference, and the latter is worse than the former.  Spent early hours mourning lost youth and comforting fantasies.
Then conversation online with B. DA, DJ, S and me.
S. was in hospital last week.  When I asked him what that white patch on his forehead was, he said it was a pain patch for a headache caused by the cancer.  Later, in response to something I said, he said, “I hope to die soon.”  I said that was good to know.  Then he started talking about how  he hoped to get a prescription  for whiskey, a half a pint or so a day.  He would love that I think.  The do not have medical marijuana back there.  He would like that too I think.  He doesn’t seem to know what drugs he’s on.  Something new for convulsions and according to B. a little oxy every day.
B. is back, taking care of bills and things.  They ticketed S’s house because the grass was too long.  That’s the sort of thing B. has to do now and he is trying also to get S’s jeep running again.
A hard morning.
Did elliptical for 50 minutes so I could watch football (the elliptical has its own TV screen); and .5 mile swim.
Will continue with current regimen tonight; and perhaps go down more Monday night.

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