Woke up in a purely awful mood and haven’t been able to shake it.

Yes, it has lessened…working out always helps with that.
But I was full of darkness with a sprinkle of those nasty negative thoughts upon waking. Mostly, could barely move.  Sat at breakfast table full twenty minutes with head in hands. Just didn’t have the strength to do anything or the will to do it.
No doubt, S’s “I would like to die as soon as possible,” has something to do with the mood. But I also think the last .5 tablespoon ends up with almost no clonazepam in it.  So I have decided to up the Valium again, from 4 milligrams to 4.5.  I will stay at the same level of clonazepam for a couple more days, and then drop the last .5 tablespoon bringing me to 2.5.
Like right now, my glasses are filthy and I don’t care.
What is there to see anyway.
Like that.
Mondays always suck. There’s a pattern there, having to do with wc background.
I forgot to bring swimming gloves to pool.  I still have the brace on my knee that I always take off and leave it at the club. But there it is, still on me knee.  And I lost my shampoo and conditioner for the few hairs I have left.
20 minutes on recumbent bike; 30 on elliptical, plus .5 mile swim. 
Another US person has Ebola, and “we” are waging another war.

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