Long day without much in it.

Woke too hot, woke too cold.  Had an odd dream about trying to join a cult; odd because I am an anti-cult person.
Early morning negative psychic events not so intense.
Trouble with double consciousness–conscious of being conscious and the thoughts of which I am conscious contained by this finite consciousness.  Sort of feel out of your skin.
I think I am feeling more now effects particular to Valium:  grogginess, tiredness.
No further news re: S.
Just kept busy: went to Costco, went to Albertson’s, checked air in my tires (it was low)…stuff like that because they are things that need to be done and because they keep me from going to sleep.  And that is all I really want to do.
Tried to figure out ballot for the election.  What a Joke.  Habit keeps me at it, I guess. 
20 minutes on bike; 30 on elliptical, and .5 mile swim.  The swim was hard today.
Will continue current regimen probably till Monday night:  that would be 4 milligrams Valium plus .285 milligrams clonazepam.

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