Last night was night three on the new regimen: take out 2 tablespoons and add 2 milligrams diazapam.

Fortunately, while I slept a bit erratically, I was not possessed of the absolutely vile mood that came over me yesterday.  Instead I tolerated the intrusion of the dish washer repair person quite easily (he’s a nice guy), went out, got my hair cut, washed the car, and later did some vacuuming (just took the vacuum in for a tune up).
Did 50 minutes on elliptical and swam .5 miles.
Today will be night four on the new regimen.  Wednesday will be night 5, and Thursday I will draw down another .5 tablespoon.
While I have felt tired and really sleepy, my mood has certainly been better today.  And I can’t remember having cursed out anybody while driving.

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