I didn’t write an entry yesterday (25), and I faked the date retroactively on this.

I got home too late and then read an article, “Why I want to die at 75,” that pretty much pissed me off, and made me upset.  I am just six years away from 75, plus four months….
Too complicated to go into here…
But I felt like a donkey had kicked me in the chest.  Six years to what this guy thinks is the optimal date for death (given that statistics indicate that what comes after is pretty much chronic decay and decline).  Which hurts since I am already feeling some of that….decay and decline…
So that’s why I wrote nothing yesterday.
I wasn’t as energetic as the day before; in fact, I struggle fighting off a desire to sleep all day. But it wasn’t like Monday (vile day) either.
Oh, did 50 minutes on elliptical and swam .5 miles.
This will be the fifth night at the 2 tablespoon reduction.

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