Going on 21 days at zero

My last entry was on Christmas day, I think.  I was tired that day, and turns out, the next day, I came down with a King Kong of Colds, either that or a massive allergy attack.

It’s been a week since then and the cold is still with me.  The PND at night is just awful.  I swallow over and over.  A body can produce two quarts of mucus a day.

I have had to curtail working out.  Yesterday, New Year’s Day, the club was closed.  I worked out the day before that but only for an hour.  Then did jacuzzi and steam.  I cancelled by Thursday appointment with Anny.  A good idea.

Yesterday watched football till my eyes were falling out.  Horrible, I watched them as if they were ants scurrying around.

Otis M.–who taught in Black Studies–died.  While I did not know him well, we were on a nodding basis in the corridor.

The withdrawal continues: aches, pains, strange sensations in legs, and pelvic floor.  Massive early morning depression, and fear at night.  I tried to make myself feel better by thinking, well, at least, I am not in a hospital with somebody charged to wipe my butt for me.  But that did not cheer me up.

Anhedonia…a major sign of depression.  Could be I am very depressed…drug rebound?

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