19 days at 2.5 milligrams

Today as bad as yesterday, if not worse.

Woke at 4 am sweating and did not get back to sleep till after six and then only for a dream troubled hour or so.
I thought maybe I was going through a different cycle with the meds and that kept me awake, but up and about Carol said she had looked at the thermometer at 4 Am and it was 80 degrees in our bedroom.  That contributed, surely, to the lack of sleep.
I got out of bed terrified, ate breakfast and sat in chair for a good hunk of the morning.  It’s now a quarter to 12.  Then I will try to meditate,
Frank Zappa’s wife died yesterday.  She was 70, born Jan. 1 1945.  Also dead Billy Joe Royal–“Down in the Boondocks”–born in 1941.  Missed Steve.  He would have remembered Billy Joe Royal…”Lord have mercy on a boy from down in the boondocks.”

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