Day 4 at 3 Milligrams

Well, three months from now, December 14, I will be 70.

At about 4 AM, while sleeping, I felt myself become terrified.  I did not wake.  Noted the terror and returned to unconsciousness.  But woke with a strong lingering sense of terror.
Could be nerve cells working overtime from withdrawal.  This is the forth full day at a new reduction.
Weather continues strange.  A little drizzle today.  And, thank goodness, a bit cooler.
Carol says I am calmer  today.  I say I feel more “spaced-out.”  Had teeth cleaned this morning and can hardly remember it.
Heard from hygienist that my old shrink, Olga, is still alive.
Moses Malone died yesterday, at 60.  No cause of death at this time, though foul play is not indicated.
Did 1.25 hours on machines; half mile swim in about 25 minutes.  It drizzled on me as I swam.
Still reading Great Expectations…getting close to the end…

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