Day 17 at 3.5 Milligrams

Very tired.

But did manage to remember, last night, to take the reduced
dose: 1.5 milligrams of V.

But yesterday evening, it was 85 degrees in the condo at 11
PM.  This has not happened in a long,
long time. 

So we slept with the windows open, the blinds too.  I don’t remember us in fact ever having done
this before.  When I woke at one point, I
saw “rosy-fingered” dawn.

We also kept on fan like device we bought from Dyson.  Carol says she could not have slept without

Lower temperatures are predicted for tomorrow, Monday.

Went to club; worked out on aerobic for 1.5 hours to the
tune of almost 800 calories.  Still,
having dropped two pounds, from the NY trip, I can drop no more and remain
stuck around 170.

Did not swim.  The
pool is almost tepid, perhaps from heat, perhaps to keep it warmer for
children, who have been kicked out their pool as the water is re-filtered (to
little or no effect, if the big pool is any indication).

Tomorrow is Monday.  I
always find Monday hard.  I am supposed
to be working, but I am not.  And Monday,
start of the work week, reminds me of that.

This drug thing, along with the aging thing, along with
adjusting to the retirement thing–well, it’s all a bit of a bit too much all at

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