Day 16 at 3.5 Milligrams….

Not quite.

I missed yesterday.  That was a Friday.  Thursday night I did drop to 3.5 milligrams.  I felt OK through the morning hours.  A little manic maybe.  I slept mostly through the night.  But after noon things turned dark and miserable all of a sudden.
Then last night, I forgot to reduce to the nightly dose to 1.5; instead took the regular 2.  But made up for that by cutting the 6 AM 1 milligram to .5 milligrams.  I have passed consequently a pretty fucking miserable day. 
The drug thing being no doubt worsened by what for us in great heat.  92 degrees at this minute, the fourth day of great heat, and we of course have no air conditioning.
I slept miserably, if, that is, I can call it sleep.
I will go back to a 1.5 milligram nightly dose, having cut up all the pills in preparation for the coming days.  Lest I forget.
Right now my head aches, my neck aches.  This morning I had body aches.
Did an hour and fifteen on aerobic machines, plus 20 minutes swimming in a unpleasantly warm pool.  
Brother Dave is now more than half way though Oregon.
I think the file download, via Carbonite, has been successful…more or less.

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