Day 13 at 4 milligrams

Felt miserable yesterday; sodden, sluggish, and sullen.

I have been miserable with Carol, constantly critical.
Were I to write something longer on withdrawal, I would need to include a chapter on how it affects personal relationships and one’s need for them.
Carol insists that nobody could or should go through something like this alone.
Slept mostly through the night but woke feeling much like yesterday.
Really concerned about whether I should drop another point .5 tomorrow night.  Though, as previously indicated, I don’t know how I could feel much worse than I do right now. Still, I suppose I could surprise myself.  With, yet, another lower level of misery.
God I ache when I get up.  It seems to wear off some with moving about.
Quite hot yesterday.  Did an hour and half on machines.  Pool closed.
Computer stuff sucks.  Phoned Carbonite and got some help.

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