So it’s Sunday, Sept 7.  I failed to post the last two days.

Last night we got to messing around and figured out that the two teaspoons I have been taking from my water drug mix is much closer to three teaspoons or one tablespoon.
So I am moving faster than I had thought.
Tonight I will use a one tablespoon measuring device.
I have felt occasionally quite “strange.” No other way to put it. Odd, off, and not in a pleasant way.  Had a long dream last night.  I was trying to buy something, tried to get change out of machines, couldn’t, finally got in a line buy something, and a guy tried to crowd in front of me saying, I am with her (the person in front of me).  So I bit his hand and he acted cool like nothing had happened, and then a fight broke out and I woke kicking off my sheets and knocking something off the night table with a flailing arm.
That sort of odd or strange.
So I don’t think I will drop another teaspoon on Tuesday night, as previously planned…Don’t know yet…have to assess…..

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