Today, much like yesterday though I woke with a much bleaker feeling.

Still, I did the phone thing again. Called DA on the road; he was thinking we might pay for S’s cremation.  I called the mortuary in Laurens about that.  Then called B and told him about my conversation with DA and let him know of our offer.  B’s voice was strong and it turned out that Reverend Roper was there with him.
B just posted:
Sam Roper came and prayed with us today. Steve Steve Tingle is on continuous care from the Hospice staff and is sleeping peacefully but running a fever that won’t break. He is a fighter, but they say he is probably not long for this world, and we all pray he has a peaceful transition to the next.

Saw therapist.  I think it was useful to talk through and about the week.  No deeper emotional insight.  Possibly because I am at some level completely exhausted.  Will call local hospice care about grief counseling and me and Dan too, who keeps crying and crying.

Did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical, and .5 mile swim.

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