57 (for Oct. 26) and 58 (for Oct. 27)

First 57

Apparently forgot to write yesterday, Sunday.

Had our usual online chat with S. Caroline, DA, DJ, B and me.
B was getting ready to drive to Atlanta.
I can’t remember much of what we talked about, just hearing S’s neighbor yelling over and over, “help me, please help me.”  Apparently this goes on all the time at regular intervals. S. said they come and give her oxygen.
It was raining up Ca’s way, in Coos Bay.
And of course DJ was back there.  I called him round five my time.  He was back at Bailey street.  It was a good talk.  He filled me in on S’s condition and we talked practical stuff. Like money.  It’s costs B. 4500 per month to keep S in Langston; and B is not made of money.  DJ said S’s house may be worth 91K, if it comes to that.  I didn’t believe him.  S bought the house five or six years ago for 27 K, but in fact now Zello says it could go for 80 K.
DJ posted a sort of report on S:
He is asleep right now, he seems to go in 20 or 30 mins, wakes up, drinks water, spits it out, has a rice cake or some nuts, we talk for a spell, and then he goes back to sleep, so it goes, most times , he just woke up when Joan, dementia, came into the room, ok, Joan left the room, it is a wild ride so to speak

I did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical and .5 mile swim.

Now 58

Felt distinctly better this morning. I can’t remember having felt or thought this in weeks. But I got a full seven hours and then slept another, and woke without that horrible dread, ache feeling in my chest. I simply wasn’t feeling as exhausted…and got through the morning OK even though I was feeling anxious about the paint job that is now starting on the exterior walls of our condo. I hate the noise and having people right outside the window makes me paranoid.

Maybe I have hit a dose that will work smoothly for a bit. But then if that is the case, I will reduce again and things will go haywire again.

I did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical and .5 mile swim.

Will stay at 6 milligrams Valium, while going down .5 tablespoon on the 8 tablespoon dose of clonazepam.

Oh Jack Bruce of Cream died yesterday.

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