The fatigue continues.

B, S, DA, DJ, and I communicated via the web again.  Maybe it’s S’s condition, but these are very difficult sessions and I feel pretty wasted after.  Especially today, what with the fatigue.
B has taken care of things re: S’ house and car.
DJ. will be flying back there Thursday.
We told stories about the parental units.  DA told especially story about brakes in car going out, and WB insisting on driving home without them down the steep hill from that church, and J throwing an hysterical fit, and what do you know but after that they never went to that church again.  Go figure.
Did 20 minutes on recumbent; 30 on elliptical, and swam .5 miles.
Makes my head ache, these stories, and thinking, re: therapist, about situations in which I felt paralyzed with fear….growing up…as a child…

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