Slept almost through the night.  A miracle.

Woke, not full of dread and anxiety, but very weary.  Stayed that way most of the day.
I think that I have not been taking enough Valium to make up for the drop in clonazepam.
Last night was the third I think of my new regimen: 3.5 milligrams of Valium with three tablespoon reduction in clonazepam.
I will go down another half tablespoon (to 3.5) tomorrow night and I will up Valium to 4.5?  Not quite sure about that.
5 milligrams of Valium equals (supposedly) .25 milligrams of clonazepam.
Still no further news about S.  I think B. may be flying back there tonight.
I see psychiatrist on Thursday.  Hope to confirm that being at 10 milligrams of Valium at the end of the taper is A-OK.  I don’t fancy that.  But the way things are going, well I don’t want to keep hurting as I have….
Discipline was the word of the day.
20 minutes on bike; 30 on elliptical and .5 mile swim.
Temperature moderating, but threatening to return to mid to high 80’s.

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