Slept nearly through the night.  Amazing.

 But still feel like cow dung as my body withdraws from one drug and adapts to another. Though most of the morning hours I just want to go back to sleep. Woke feeling the day to come and my life generally are purely empty.
Temperature today: good.
Did 50 minutes on elliptical and .5 miles in pool.  Hard swimming today, energy low.
Tonight I change the drug dose as follows:  take out 2 tablespoons from drug/water mix (rather than 1.5) and increase diazepam from 1.5 milligrams to 2.
I do this not because I am feeling better but because I assume I can’t feel much worse than I did this morning and I managed to get through that by hook or crook.
So tomorrow morning I will know how the new dose feels.

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