Drew out last night again a full tablespoon.

Very, very grim upon waking.
Bad dream.  In it brother Steve, who is in reality dying of cancer, died.  I went to look at the body, but found a bunch of tangled bedclothes.  Downstairs–don’t know why downstairs–found WB and thanked him for having taken care of the body since I had the feeling somehow that that was supposed to be my job.  Whereupon the old lady said she too had helped, which is crazy since I never saw that woman lift anything.  End of sad dream.
Carol and I took a longer walk this morning.  I kept myself busy with odds and ends and chores. Called in payment for condo and earthquake insurance. Got to club round 130.  50 minutes on elliptical plus .5 mile swimming.
At the moment feeling quite tired.  Soon will take my late afternoon nap that I have been taking for some time now from around 515 to 545.

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