9.14, a Sunday and it’s 85 degrees.

Very strange weather…we do get heat in September but not with this humidity.
Went down 1/2 tablespoon last night for first night on this regimen.
So down 1.5 tablespoons from .25 cup of water plus drug.
Woke at 240 am, and then at 6 am sweating.
Carol took over the driving to and from club because of my difficulty with anger impulse control.
Steve and Dan and I had a lazy but good talk over go-to-meeting.  Steve, as usual, said very little about his condition.  But he showed us his left hand which, as a result of cancer and surgery, shakes almost uncontrollably.  He speculates too that he lost the physical repository of some of his memory; when they took out the cancer they removed some of his brain cells also.  Memories he believes of the titles of books he has read.
Did 50 minutes on the elliptical and swam .5 miles.  It was hard today maybe because of the heat.
I had a major outbreak of sores on inside of lip.  Won’t worry about that now, but see it as a manifestation of withdrawal.  Perhaps.

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