3 days at 2 milligrams..

It is October 18; last wrote here October 13.

I believe last Thursday was October 15.
In any case, while I usually reduce on a Thursday, I had decided last Thursday because I was so tired from not sleeping well (due to the heat) that I would not drop.  But by accident I failed to take .5 milligrams at noon, and so, de facto, I reduced by .5 in any case.
So I dropped the .5 at 6 PM the next day and that’s what I have done for the last couple of days.
The cycle repeats:  the first day or so I just feel horribly tired; the muscle aches start again, and by this morning I was back in terror land, waking with dark thoughts of my brothers, my family, and morality.
Mercifully the heat has abated.  Some warm days ahead but this time next week promises to be sort of normal Fall weather.
Good neighbor Polly came over with some “tea tree” oil for my toenail fungus and good suggestions about how to cure the inflammation under my thumb nail.  Quite painful.  But soaking in hot, salt water has helped.
I missed Steve when I saw Billy Joe Royal died.  He would have remembered “Down in the Boondocks.”

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