Day 26 or Day 13 at 3.5

Did not write yesterday (9/8) or the day before (9/7).

Have felt just terrible because of the withdrawal no doubt, but also because again, for us, we are having extreme heat.  
At the moment the computer tells me it is 88 degrees.
And I went and worked out for 1.25 hours on machines, plus 25 minutes swimming (half a mile), plus jacuzzi for sore muscles, and steam bath for 10 minutes.  I am still sweating from all that.
I could hardly get out bed this morning.  It was horrible.  I did not WANT to get out of bed and that scares me.  (nothing to look forward to but 88 degrees of heat).
Tomorrow MAY be my last day at 3.5 milligrams.  Very unsure about whether I will reduce another .5.
Predictions of continued heat for at least the next three days… And as previously noted we have no AC.
See Anny tomorrow and don’t feel I should do any EMDR what with general aches, pains, depression of withdrawal.
Half way through Great Expectations.

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