Day 19 at 3.5 Milligrams

Missed yesterday (Monday, August 31); and today is the first day of September.

Yesterday was predictably bad…days 3, 4, 5 after a reduction are usually bad.
The temperature has thankfully dropped.  Much more manageable high 70’s today.
1.25 hours of aerobic, plus 20 minutes of swimming.
Bowels quite regular lately.  Gas not as extreme as not so long ago.
Sleep?  Doesn’t feel like sleep, and then I wake up around two or something like that.  And toss and turn. 
Had bad dreams of the high-anxiety type.
And found myself imagining what it will be like to be on my deathbed in the not very distant future?  This came to me in that vulnerable twilight between sleep and waking.  A really miserable thing to be imaging upon waking.
Carol is getting ready for new school year.  Brother Dave must be near the border of Washington now.  Am afraid to contact brother Dan who is looking for work.
Managed to drag my ass to store, did some cleaning, straightening round house.  Phoned Carbonite again about backup.  Also cancelled incorrect appointment for toe nail cutting (???).
Carried carcass of old computer to garage yesterday, and saw headline, “Suffering Makes Young Person Wiser” or something like that–about Skipper who died of cancer clear back in the late 50’s.  Wish I hadn’t seen that.  A write up in the Daily Nixon.

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