Day did not start out as dark as yesterday.  Felt a bit better.

But news of S keeps pouring in.  They are moving him, soon, to a dedicated hospice facility.
At the moment, the refuses to open his mouth for meds or foods.  They will of course need to do something for the pain.  At the hospice place they can stick an IV in him.
Spoke with T. on phone for some time.  Amazing DA is getting in his van tomorrow and driving back to SC. He should be there by Friday to help B. move stuff out of the Langston House and assist in any way he can. He plans to stay back there, I think, as long as it takes. Which is to say, until S. dies.
T. cannot go with Dave because of attack of diverticulitis
In this situation, I am in no mood and do not have the will to mess further with medication withdrawal.
Did 20 on the recumbent; 30 on elliptical, plus .5 mile swim.

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