Long hard day.

B. sent this about S>
Spent 4 hours outside between lunch and dinner yesterday. Dad seemed like he was just waking up when I left around 8pm (he was mostly awake but had his eyes mostly closed and seemed uncomphortable, but after dinner his eyes were wide open and he seemed alert). Dad’s pain meds went from 5mg 3 times per day to 10mg 3 times per day starting last night. He was pretty much passed out with a fork in his hand when I got in at 8:45am. They woke him up around noon for meds, and he moved the fork to his mouth and ate the bite of sausage and fell back asleep. I went to the restroom and when I got back they were giving him lunch; he ate a bite and feel back asleep. I read that sometimes sleeping patterns will reverse. Been having them leave notes for third shift last night and tonight to see if he is sleeping at night (he does not know) but I might have to get there before they leave at 6am or call over there before 6 to find out. Decided to run some errands since he was so out of it. (Not sure if he is just sedated from the change in pain meds, and/or if he is able to sleep now because of lack of pain) I’ll go back over around dinner time.

Obviously S’s time is running out. I am exhausted and incredibly gloomy. For the time being my mind is not on the drug issue, though the drug issue is no doubt effecting my mind.

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