Woke, thank god, feeling an iota or two better than yesterday, though I slept terribly.

I am worried that my slightly increased intellectual alertness is related to my new nicotine intake.  Can two cigarettes a day, do that.
Whatever the case, the anxiety was not as intense.
Went to psychotherapist and concluded that current issues deal with communication and isolation.
I remembered how in first grade they would test me on the spelling test for the next day at school.  Both of them.  J with B are her side holding a ruler.  They say the word.  If I did not spell it correctly; they would spell it.  They would say the word again, and i I didn’t spell it correctly, WB would hit me in the palm with the ruler.  This went on for ages it seemed.  But I think it may have been in first grade only.
What shit.
May account for some the issues I have had over the years with spelling.
Did 30 on elliptical, 20 on recumbent, and .5 mile swim.
Carol, though tired, is having a good time at the conference.
The painters are still at it…not right now, but today and again for several more days.

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