Extra bad day.  Feel almost as if I messed up with meds; left something out, or put something extra in.

Woke at 3 am from garbled dream dealing with school, teaching, betrayal, being used like a stooge.  Lord knows what.
I didn’t get back to sleep till 430 and then only intermittently.
Felt/feel very strange.  Accused C of having an affair with this guy she meets at conferences.  I have done this before jokingly.  But this time I was not joking, and have spent most of the rest of this day wondering about the issue.  Why I am in such a crappy mood and why should my crappy mood be focusing on this particular issue.  I am not feeling any particular return of libido…so I don’t get it.
And part of me is so fucking tired, I just don’t care.
I think I messed up with the meds.
Did nothing much in the morning.
20 minutes on recumbent; 30 on elliptical; .5 mile swim.
Guess I will continue with current regimen; those my feelings today are not much of a recommendation.

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