59 (Oct. 28)

I did not write yesterday, Tuesday, October 28.

This is a makeup entry.  I slept almost to six, and while I am still feel terribly fatigued, I did not have the grimness I felt as recently as last week at this time.  Not as up as on Sunday, but not as down as I might be.
Took C. down for her colonoscopy.  That screwed up most of the morning.  Drove downtown, drove back.  C was out of it from the drugs.  Left her at home with a lunch, went to club.
Did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical.  And .5 mile swim.
Was later than usual at club because of colonoscopy.
Bumped into guy who was on the TV show, Lost.  His last show was cancelled, but he says he has another in works.
Talked at club with psychiatrist, M.  He is union rep where he works.  Told me about something called NuVigil to cope with fatigue.  
I think a friend mentioned this stuff a while back.  Will look into it if, after I am done with this withdrawal stuff, I am still exhausted.
Talked quite a bit with Dan via computer and later over phone.  It is good he is there while B is in Atlanta.  S. needs a lot of little attention things all the time.  He is immobilized.

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