Writing about the 24th on morning of 25th….

Long day yesterday.  The club was closed for the damn Halloween party, so we had to go and work out early.  The whole time I was waiting to hear from Dan back in SC about how things are with S.
Did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical; and .5 mile swim.
Because we had to go early to the club, we decided to get lunch early.  We went to a new place in our area with Indian Food. Can’t say I had ever really had a whole meal of Indian food.  On the British detective shows we watch, they are always buying Indian Food.  I think Indian Food is their form of Mexican food.
I liked it though found a bit heavy perhaps for a late afternoon lunch.  Will go there again.
C did not vomit.  That’s the primary reason we have not had Indian food.  I made a curry once and she got sick as a dog from one of the spices.  Clearly a bad allergic reaction.
Sat next to a guy who is a friend of a guy we know from the club.  He is 75.  An honest man, he said his life would be empty were it not for his considerably younger wife who arranges social things for them to do. 
Later had conference call with DJ, DA, and B.  Somehow, without S on the line, we were more clear with each other about S’s condition.  B said MRI indicated that signs pointed to a return of the cancer.  Can’t be 100% certain without operating.  But everything the doctors are doing suggests they believe the cancer is back.  They have put S on steroids again, which is what they did before they operated on the tumor.  The tumor is growing back in the place where it previously was; it’s not spreading throughout the brain.  S’s left side continues to grow weaker.  They may have to get another hoist machine to help him get out of bed.
They say his speaking functions are still good, though he has a terrible time with mechanical things…his ipad and such and how to work them.  Partly this may be due the paralysis of his left hand.
So Dan is back there and will stay till next Thursday, I think.  B. is going to a conference in Atlanta, Sunday, back Tuesday.
They got the jeep working, and B. may drive it to Atlanta.
Because I have been feeling so shitty, I increased valium to six milligrams last night.

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