Another bad one.  Horrible low energy in the morning especially.  Woke at 3 am from a violent dream.  I rarely, if ever, dream of violence; but I was sticking a knife in a person’s arm (or him in me or both).  Took a while to get back to sleep;  I was disquieted by this rare dream of violence. Have no idea what it was about.

Made spaghetti sauce; did quick vacuum of living rm and kitchen.  Not a real clean up.  Just getting the obvious stuff.
Will stick with this regimen the rest of the week, and see if I can get back on my feet a little.
No EMDR this Thursday.  98% convinced that is part of the reason for this really troubling fatigue.
Nothing about S’s situation; think of him several times daily.  Whenever my cell rings.
Did 20 on recumbent; 30 on elliptical, and swam .5 mile.
This weekend, no matter what, will reduce clonazepam by1/8th.

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