Slept less well last night.  Woke round 5 am and did not sleep soundly after.

Continued last night to take 3.5 milligrams of Valium, and down three tablespoons of clonazepam.
Tonight, unless I decide otherwise, will go down anther .5 tablespoon and up Valium to 4.5.
I will see how that goes.  Today felt mostly morbidly listless.
Ripped the skin on my arm again.  There’s a word for that: friable.  Tomorrow I won’t remember the word.  My age depresses me.
Still no news on Steve.  Should be some tomorrow.  According to notes I took Sunday, B. flies back there tonight.
Ebola victim died.
See psychotherapist and psychiatrist tomorrow.  I am keeping the mental health community alive in this town.
Did 20 minutes on bike; 30 on elliptical, and .5 mile swim.

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