Bad. Bad. Bad.

Woke twice, at 2;30 and 5:00 with mouth and throat dry from mouth breathing.  This sleep apnea mask is for the birds. A piece of shit thing.  I keep thinking I will adjust to its noises and snorts.  But I didn’t last night.
When I woke–sort of–kept thinking of terrible stuff: me all dried up like raisin in a wheel chair and living in a wheelchair unfriendly condo ( and too tired to move).  Just crap upon crap. And no end in sight.
Who will push me to the curb?
Last night was my third night on the new regimen: down 2.5 tablespoons.
Before going to club felt I was surely coming down with something.
Did 30 minutes on elliptical, 20 on stationary bike, and swam .5 miles in 77 degree water. Way too cold, wasn’t much fun.
Talked with Dan, Dave, Brian and Steve online.  Steve didn’t have much too say.  Had lost track of time and didn’t get online till a half hour in.  Dave had surgery for a bad tooth; Brian had a root channel.  Dan is applying for another position at his job.  Theresa was on for a bit. Good to see her.
Tonight is fourth night on new regimen.  Monday will be day five.  Tuesday I will draw down a three full tablespoons and increase diazepam to 2.5 milligrams.

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