Last night for the second time reduced water/drug mix by 2.5 tablespoons.  Also took just two milligrams of diazepam.

Slept better possibly because temperature, for the moment, is dropping into upper 50’s at night; temperature to rise to the 80’s again late next week.
Woke though feeling exhausted, as well as very sad, plus despair….not a happy mix.
Just plunged ahead into the day….Saturday.  We stayed abed longer than usual.
I balanced the check book, and looked up information necessary to vote in midterm elections. 
Still don’t understand why we vote on judges, when they have no one running against them.   I guess it’s state law.
Swam .5 miles.  Did 30 minutes on elliptical and 20 on stationary bike. Decided to vary work out a little to involve more and different muscles.  Ed was right–there are questions about the elliptical and hip joint problems.
Tonight will be the third night on the new regimen.

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