Last night, took out .5 tablespoon more from mix for a grand total of 2.5 tablespoons removed from mix (meaning 1.5 tablespoons to go before I am .5 done).

God this seems like slow going, but maybe not.  Cause I woke this morning in a very, very down, despondent mood (still thinking about dying at 75) and very, very tired.  Hard to know what’s what.  The EMDR may have played a role, most likely the inordinate heat that is on us once again.  Seems it never got below 75 in our room and that is just too warm for me to sleep comfortably. Looks as if this heat, low 80’s, will stick with us even though the first week of October.
Did 50 minutes on elliptical and swam .5 miles.  Ed heard and told me that according to a doctor the elliptical is bad for the hip joints.  I need to check this out.  Ed has had both hips replaced.
S. passed his written driver’s exam.  Apparently they make you take it again at 70 or 71.
Roxy turned 73 yesterday and is trying to decide whether to get some sort of test (topography??) to see if the lump in her breast has changed.
Bowel-wise I am very regularly.  Lately though some irregularity.  Could be related to the withdrawal.
This is a Friday.

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