Last night took out 2 tablespoons from .25 cup mix of water and klonopin for the first time.  Also upped offset Valium for the first time to two milligrams.

Woke at five from vivid dreams.  Got back to sleep though, and while I woke tired and drained, did not experience as much emptiness, despair.
Talked with Dan, David, Steve, Caroline on the net.  Dave has to go in for a colonoscopy, and Steve made a joke, “Don’t think I will have to go in for one of those since I am dying of brain cancer.”  I laughed and said, “Steve made a joke!  Good one.”  I have decided to talk to Steve as I would anyone else.  We are all dying, just at different rates.  It was an OK phone call.
I was sorry to feel that Steve really does not like where he is living.  How could he?  And where else can he go with all the money he doesn’t have.
Temperature almost normal for this time of year.
Steve was lying flat in his bed this time.  Some times he sits up in his wheelchair. But not today.
David’s leg is getting better.  He is looking into acupuncture that may or may not be covered by the new Obamacare.
Did 50 minutes on elliptical, plus .5 mile swim.  Hard going today.
Am pretty tired what with withdrawing from one drug and starting up another.
Will call psychiatrist Tuesday and ask him to phone in prescription for 5 milligram Valium.

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