Temp in mid seventies, much more seasonal, today.

Slept till five or so.  Woke, went to bathroom, got back to sleep after half hour or so.
Got up feeling terrible.  I am not only withdrawing (from one drug) but also adjusting to another as a way of compensating for feelings caused by former.  Doesn’t make sense.
But I feel emotionally depleted, drained, desiccated.  Overly sensitive and paranoid.
Do you ever feel somebody is watching you.  Let’s have a show of hands.
Drew down 1.5 tablespoons from water/drug mix.  Compensated with 1.75 milligrams of diazepam.  Will do that again tonight and if I am not worse tomorrow morning than this morning will increase draw down to 2 tablespoons  (that would be a .25 reduction in total clonazepam).
Felt calmer after therapy yesterday, not so calm now.  
50 minutes on elliptical as Phoebe told a real long story about her time in Israel, and swam .5 miles.  Good story.
Still did not get dishwasher repaired.  The guy arrived well past the window and was more than happy to call it quits.  We had our usual afternoon plans.

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