Tonight will be my fifth night drawing down one teaspoon
from my 1/4 cup mix of water and .25 mgs of klonopin.

That means that tomorrow night, that will be Thursday, 9.3,
I will take out not one but two teaspoons and then do that for five more
days.  And so on and so forth.

This five day thing is pretty arbitrary. But at that pace I
will be done with the ..25 mgs of klonipin in two months.  Is this too fast or too slow.  I don’t know.

I see my psychiatrist not this Friday but the one
following.  I will tell him how I am
feeling at that time.  Then we will
discuss and decide.

Woke up feeling awful blue. 
Carol says the last time I went through k. withdrawal I got very dark.

The rash on the nose continues, and last evening I had those
strange prickly sensations in feet and ankles.

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