Following the routine, so far, I took out a teaspoon full of
water and drug from the 1/4 cup of water and drug last night.
  That would be Monday night,  since this is Tuesday.

I woke pretty foggy and spaced out. This is troubling.  But I think in reality I am dropping more
that 1/24th of the overall dose.  The
pills don’t break evenly.  I think I am
getting closer, with irregular pills and leaving some residue in the water cup,
to a 2/24th or 1.12 reduction.

I have aches and pains and felt maybe I had some flu like
symptoms.  Those go along with every
withdrawal I have gone through.

Also I have a rash spreading out from the top of my
nose.  Probably the result of aggravation
from the sleep apnea mask.  But skin
issues have also been for me part of withdrawal.

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