Last night, as indicted in previous entry, I drew out one
teaspoon from my .25 liquid dose of klonopin. 
That’s from a 1/4 cup of water. 
One teaspoon is 1/12 of a quarter cup. 
So I am down 1/24 of the whole .5 dose.

I have only done this one day.  I will do it for five.  So this coming Thursday, I will reduce 1/12
yet again, taking me overall down 2/12. 
That would be 2/24 of the whole .5.

I expect that my Thursday I will be feeling more concretely
the nature of this change; as it is, for the moment, I seem to be dreaming more
or least having more memory of dreams.

This is a Sunday. 
Spoke with Brothers and Brian on the web.  Dave’s sciatic nerve problem is acting up
again.  Steve posted on FB this week that
he feels as if he is living in hell or maybe not living at all.  

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