.5 mg

Friday night I began my taper from .5 mg of klonopin.


I cut my .5 mg pill in half with my trusty pill cutter, producing two .25 mg pills.


I then put one of my new dis-solvable .25 pills in a cup of water. 


I let the pill dissolve and then washed down the .25 I had made with the trusty pill cutter.


So that equals .5 mg total.  So no reduction in amount, no taper.


Still, sadly, the next morning I was tense and agitated.  So while the amunt did not change, the
means of ingesting the filthy med did and that in turn effected my mood.


Last night I continued the taper but decided a whole cup of water was too much for my bladder. So
instead I dissolved the .25 in a 1/4 cup of water. 


I slept almost through  the night with that dose…unusual for me, and feel calmer.


So here is the plan or drug schedule as we druggies say.


1/4 cup of water contains 12 teaspoons.


I plan to get things down to .25 over two months.  I will  reduce the amount in the cup by one teaspoon every five days or so.


Today I will begin by  pulling one teaspoon out of the cup.  Then we will see what we will see.

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